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Around 244 species of birds have been recorded over Eyre Peninsula and information has been provided about a selection of birds found in and around Tanonga.
Source: Birds of Southern Eyre Peninsula, Colin Gill and Hazel O'Connor published by Southern Eyre Birds Inc., 2000.
All of the orchids found on Eyre Peninsula are terrestrial, i.e. growing in the ground. Information has been provided about some of the orchids on or near Tanonga.
Source: Orchids of Lower Eyre Peninsula, Pam Hewstone and Jane Hutchinson, published by Pam Hewstone and Jane Hutchinson.
Information has also been provided about a small selection of flowering plants found in and around Tanonga.
Sources: Wildflowers of Lower Eyre Peninsula, Plant Identikit, Text by Hazel O'Connor, Janet Smyth and Isabel Smith; Illustrations by Christine Haldane, Ursula Halls and Janet Smyth
Quieter Wildflowers of Lower Eyre Peninsula, (a companion booklet to Wildflowers of Lower Eyre Peninsula),

Text by Janet Smyth; Photos by Brian Saunders