Article by Susan Gooderson

Tanonga’s Wild Beauty

It’s one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet – pristine coastlines, mysterious coves and turquoise bays that paint a tropical paradise on South Australia’s southernmost shore. Home to a diverse array of ecosystems and a rich, cultural heritage, the Eyre Peninsula is teeming with magnificent sights and sounds which are sure to enchant the nature lover and outdoor adventurer alike. Come listen to the sound of the ocean gently sweep across the shores which span more than 2,000 kilometres of soft sand and rugged cliffs, carved out over the ages and brimming with breathtaking wildlife. Take a plunge into some of the finest surfing hotspots of the world, or escape into the many nature reserves that make the region so distinct. At Tanonga Luxury Eco Lodges, wild beauty rests on your doorstep.

National Treasures

Basking in brilliant sun, the Eyre Peninsula and Port Lincoln area is home to some of the most distinctive wildlife of the region. Within a short driving distance – as well as a picturesque coastal bike ride – there lies Lincoln National Park, a gorgeously scenic locale bursting with vibrant landscapes and otherworldly shores. Home to the Sleaford-Wanna sand dune system and the Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area, the Park features more than 123 species of birds as well as seals, whales, dolphins, and other majestic animals both native to Australia and venturing from neighbouring New Zealand. It is a popular destination for sailing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, nature watching and a variety of other activities, and is a huge draw for travellers who are enjoying some down time from a coastal cruise. Like Australia’s Sunshine Coast, the South Australia coast presents some truly spectacular opportunities for recreational sports as well as making the most of the region’s unparalleled outdoor wonder.

It is this natural legacy which has made the region a great example of conservation and ecotourism. Coffin Bay National Park is another area famous for its landscapes which include dramatic sand dunes, coral kingdoms, and dense bush, with optimal salmon fishing available at Gunyah Beach. As a protected area, it provides a home for wild ponies as well as white-bellied sea eagles, ospreys, rock parrots for which the region has been recognized by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area (IBA). Slightly further to the north are the Hincks Conservation Parkthe Peachna Conservation Reserve, and the Bascombe Well Conservation Park followed by several other designated protection areas deeper inland.

Island Paradise

Situated just off the coast in Spencer Gulf rests Thistle Island. Rugged and beautiful, ancient and untouched, its mysterious limestone caves, ancient ruins and deep bushland lure in explorers who are seeking a more secluded retreat for a day or two. Geologically diverse and ecologically varied, the Island offers prime opportunities for surfing, rock-climbing, skin-diving, kayaking, swimming, and much more. Further to the southeast is Wedge Island, used primarily for private property but providing ample scenic walks and swims as well as a home for the endangered brush-tailed Bettong, white-faced storm-petrels, and several penguins. It is also recognized by BirdLife International as an IBA.

Closer to home, Louth Bay encloses Louth Island, another wildlife paradise, while further east lies Reevesby Island and the Sir Joseph Banks Group Conservation Park, followed by a series of other small islands. These are great destinations for tranquil beaches and refreshing waters.

The Future of the Eyre Peninsula

With so many wondrous locations to discover, the Eyre Peninsula is truly a national treasure in itself, encompassing some of the rarest and most remarkable species in the world. Not only valued for its incredible potential for watersports and other recreational activities, its natural splendour is valued by scientists, artists, locals and visitors alike. Tanonga Luxury Eco Lodges understands the importance of promoting ecotourism and helping to protect and conserve the area, which is why we are committed to providing a unique and authentic experience in nature as well as practicing environmentally-friendly methods and reducing our carbon footprint where possible. As well as helping our ecosystems, it is vitally important to protect the indigenous communities which have thrived within them for thousands of years, sustaining their traditions and ensuring that they have a bright future for generations to come.

By visiting Tanonga Luxury Eco Lodges, not only will you experience the adventure of a lifetime, but you will contribute to the region’s important ecological and cultural legacy for which it is so distinct.

New to Tanonga

Weddings in the garden of our luxury homestead and elopement packages arranged to suit. Phone 0427277417 to discuss your needs.

Tanonga is the perfect place to relax and recharge.

Explore the extensive walking trails and discover the natural billabong and permanent springs. Winter and early spring offer a vast array of flowering local plants and orchids as well as many birds which come to breed at Tanonga. November through to March is a special time when critically endangered Yellow tailed black cockatoos come to feast in the Allepo pines (Pinus halepensis) on the property.

You may even wake up to find a Western Grey Kangaroo or Emu on your doorstep!

Your Tanonga stay is also a fantastic way to experience first-hand the principles of environmentally sensitive and sustainable design and solar power.

There are a multitude of things to see and do in and around the area, and Michael and Jill are more than happy to assist you with connections to experience fishing charters, golf, cultural experiences, wine tastings, swimming with sea lions and dolphins at Bairds Bay, cage diving with sharks or swimming with tuna and sea lions and whale watching in Boston Bay, visiting the Gawler Ranges and many other tours and attractions on Eyre Peninsula and the west coast.